Monday, November 26, 2012

Chris's Birthday Celebrations

Chris and I celebrated his birthday this year in true geek style: with a huge medieval sword.

Ok, I guess I should begin at the beginning. Last time we were in Orlando, Chris and I had dinner at Medieval Times. After the show, I basically had to drag Chris away from the display of swords so we could leave. Add to that Chris's love of all things medieval, (think World of Warcraft), and I knew I was onto something. So I made a mental note and pretended I didn't notice the drool running down his chin as we walked away from the swords.

The one I gave him is pretty cool. It's very heavy, so it feels pretty authentic. The handle has some neat engravings on it as well. It also came with a plaque so we can hang it on the wall. I'll post a picture of that once we get it up.

Here's Chris opening a present from my parents.
Gotta love this look on his face as he discovers his wife just gave him a sword.
His birthday balloon
Chris also received a massage cushion from my brother and sister-in-law that he loves. He's already logged quite a few hours of heated massage while playing computer games.

I also made Chris a birthday brownie cake. Now, you may be wondering, "What exactly is a birthday brownie cake?" Well, allow me to explain. This confectionery mishap is the product of buying a brownie mix when you think you're buying chocolate cake mix and then deciding to proceed with cake preparations anyway. I adjusted the timing for two round pans and then did my best to make it look like a cake.


As it turns out, if you can put a candle in it, it's a birthday cake. haha And luckily, it tasted delicious too!

Chris, me, and the rest of his family also celebrated his and Mike's birthday on Saturday after Thanksgiving. And you know what that means: more cake! And that one was an ice cream cake. Yum!

The birthday boy
The other birthday boy with Jackson after they all blew out the candles
Kara and Evan sharing a quiet moment
Chris received even more great presents from everyone and we had a blast just getting to celebrate with his family. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty fun birthday week.