Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Trip to Michigan

Last weekend, my parents flew me home for a little weekend visit. The main event was my friend Cara's bridal shower, but what kind of aunt would I be if I didn't say that the highlight was getting to spend some time with the cutest little neice in the world?
The little miss still trying to decide if she wants to be friends with me ...
Chris and I actually bought Hadley the Cinderella doll pictured above when we were in Disney World this September. Nothing like trying to buy a toddler's love, right? haha

I also got to check out Hadley's pretty room. My mom made the sweet banner pictured below.

Hadley's adorable room
And Hadley was eager to show off her big girl bed.

Nana and Hadley on Hadley's big girl bed.
Here'e the little princess over at Nana's house.
And what the heck? How about one more Hadley picture since she's so darn cute!

I don't really have any great pictures of the bridal shower since I was taking pictures on Cara's camera for a lot of it. But I'm sure she'll be posting pictures on facebook soon, so I'll make sure to snag a few to put up here too.

And as for the after party, I decided not to post any embarrassing pictures of anyone playing beer pong ... (You can thank me later, big brother!)

I did get a picture of the wonderful "Winter Picnic" gift basket that Katie and I put together for Cara. My mom gave us a lesson on making bows, and it was a team effort to cram everything in the basket. The contents included things that no winter picnic could be complete without, including: a monogrammed fleece throw, yummy-scented candles, hot chocolate mugs with "C" and "B" on them (Cara or Carl and Brown), hot chocolate mix, marshmellows, trail mix, a cute picture frame that says "Cherish Every Moment", a Mr. & Mrs. Christmas ornament, some margherita mixes, and so on and so forth. Pretty snazzy.

And speaking of gifts, check out this awesome nursery makeover I did for Hadley.

Just kidding! This isn't Hadley's nursery, it's the nursery in the dollhouse my parents are giving her for Christmas. Oh, and if Hadley is sitting next to you, don't show her these pictures. It's a surprise!

Check out the zoomed out picture below.

Now that's what I call a house! So many pretty details! The furniture is all from Melissa & Doug. The two pink rooms were done mostly with scrapbook paper for the walls and floors. The curtains are little fabric scraps my mom had leftover from previous projects. The two lower rooms have painted walls. The kitchen has a fabric floor, and the living room has a paper floor. The attic wasn't finished before I had to head home, but I hear it's also looking pretty fabulous these days.
And here's the outside of the house, which still needs to be painted.

And check out this adorable detail my mom came up with.We cut out one of the inset pictures from an old holiday photo card and she framed it with fabric to make a family portrait on the wall! It really is the little things in life ...