Friday, June 13, 2008


Prague was a nice stop off after travelling non-stop by train and airplane for three days to see Pisa, Cinque Terrra and Venice. We resided in the always lovely Sir Toby's Hostel and Chris got his first taste of a real hostel. lol The staff there is great, and they have an excellent make-your-own pancake and eggs buffet breakfast. But there happened to be a horde of very young, very loud Germans in the room next door. We could never tell if the yelling and slamming of doors was them just beng excited or actually fighting. That's the beauty of the German language, though, I suppose. haha

Prague was especiallz cool because--unlike much of Italy--it not only has the beautiful historical buildings, but it also has a real city area that doesnćt require the term "second world." There was this crazy modern-architecture building referred to as the "Dancing House," pictured below.

There was also fun oversights in translation, such as the sign below. We're pretty sure this wasn't for a strip club or anything. It was for a cafe with a cat theme or something. lol

The astronomical clock was still there, ticking away since the last time I was here. We're not really sure what makes it astronomical, but ever hour the little skeleton on the right rings the bell to usher the dead to the underworld. Nice, right?

Chris on Charles' Bridge.

Standing near the castle, there's a great view of the old town.

Lot's of big domes everywhere.

This is a little ridiculous, but we weren't totally sure which of the buildings at the top of the hill was the castle, the cathedral, the old palace, etc. We're pretty sure this is the cathedral. lol

Fun picture of Chris loooking at the Cathdral.

One night we also went out and climbed through this big park to find a huge beer garden at the top with an excellent view of the city. There were hundreds of people around our age just hanging out, playing guitar and drinking beer. May have been a bit better for us if there were more than 5 people there who actuallz spoke English, but what can you do? It was a good time though. A day later we had to get up crazy early to catch a 6am flight, so it was nice to have a chance to unwind before hand.