Friday, June 13, 2008


Getting into Croatia was ... fun? Ok, that's a total lie. It was eraly in the morning, it was raining, Chris's allergies were on the fritz, and we were having trouble finding out hostel. We get there at 10:30 am, only to get yelled at, more or less verbally attacked, and then thrown out for arriving before 11:30, which was apparently the check-in time nobody bothered to tell us about.

Luckily, a nice woman at an information station allowed us to use her computer to find a new place to stay, since there was no way I was going near that first woman again. We met up with a woman named Suzi, who ran several apartments and hostels around Split. There had been a little miscommunication with availability of the room we booked at the info station, but she was soooo nice and piled us in her car and drove us to a different apartment and gave us information about the area and such. So now we're actually staying in a private apartment within the walls of Diocletian's Palace for less than we were paying for the room with the bitchy woman. lol

So we walked around a bit yesterday. We went out to eat, and then, desperately missing the good old USA, we found a movie theatre playing a moveie in English. We saw "The Happening," which was entertaining. In my opinion, the script and the acting were not so hot, but if you want a lot of really creepy, gorey scenes, this movie is for you. lol

Here's our bedroom. The bathroom is off to the right there.

Here's the huge bathroom. (Yes, the toilet is actually in the shower).

Chris lounging in the living room/kitchen/dining room/laundry room. hahaha And that's the whole apartment. lol

Part of Diocletian's Palace.

More of the palace walls and such.


So this was our dinner. Heads on the fish and everything. Chris was bold enough to eat a whole piece of squid. One bite was enough for me. lol

Last night was some big soccer game. Croatia won, and apparently has a huge fan base in Split. Everyone was wearing red and white checkers and screaming and singing songs all afternoon, evening and well into the night. It was nuts. Croatians are kind of nuts though. lol Here's a video of some celebrating about 20 minutes after the game ended.

So it may be a bit before I update again. Tomorrow we leave for our one-week sailing trip to Dubronovik and back. Hopefully the weather will hold out and be nice for us. We need a little good luck after such a ridiculous day yesterday.