Monday, June 2, 2008

Mike and Erd's Wedding

So apparently I had a few too many to drink at the Mike and Erin's wedding, because when I recorded Chris's best man's speech, I forgot that I can't flip the camera sideways for video. There's apparently no way to flip it right side up, so I'm afraid you'll have to enjoy it with your head tilted way to the right. lol Sorry about that. It occurred to me about halfway through, but I figured it would be worse if I rotated the camera in the middle of my speech.

Here's a few more pictures of the reception. It was so much fun and all of Erin and Mike's (mostly Erin's) hard work finally paid off. :-) Everyone really seemed to have a great time.

And just so you know ... tomorrow we head to Europe!!!

The groom and his best man and brother.

Me and Chris.

Mike slid on his back to get under Erin's dress so he could take her garter off. lol Sort of looked like he was changing the oil on a car. lol But the dress looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Chris dancing with his stepmom, Lisa.

No caption needed.