Friday, June 27, 2008

Sha la la la, You Gotta ... Kiss the Girl

Copenhagen was once home to the legendary fairy-tale writer, Hans Christian Anderson. As an hommage to this writer, a later sculpture created a statue in the harbor representing one of his stories, "The Little Mermaid," (hence the title of this post).

Copenhagen also has hundreds of beautiful buildings, petina statues galore, and ferocious swans.

Below is one of the cool spires the decorate the city.

Petina statue.

Third largest dome in Europe.

Changing of the guard ... all ten of them.
Pretty church.
Chris and me.

"Wish I could be ... part of their world ..." (Me with the Little Mermaid statue).

Neat picture of a mama swan. This one did not attack.

This one did. (Moments before it grabbed ahold of Chris's jeans).
Roses decorate many of the entry ways all around the city.

The royal palace.

Chris is the "iron and glass arboretum," which turned out to be a very hot greenhouse. lol Very pretty though.
Copenhagen's version of Times Square.
In Tivoli Gardens, a 19th-century amusement park. (The big band and swing dancers in the video below were also in Tivoli).

Cool spire.

In the armory.

I can take 'em. Let me just get this thing aimed...


Band and dancers.

The swans look nice enough here, but the drew blood from Chris and chased me around. lol
Can you hear the swan hissing at that lady? That's right. These suckers are mean.