Monday, August 25, 2008

Callie the Bookseller, Oreo the Cat

I am officially employed at Borders. From now on, I will get paid to make book recommendations to customers and learn all I can about the newest books coming out. Basically I'll be paid to be myself. haha Not too shabby, huh? The pay is nothing special, but I am eligible for benefits, I get an employee discount on books, and I should be able to make enough to keep up with my loan repayment. So I'm pretty happy. And since I'm part time, I'll have plenty of time to write. I've got three stories brewing right now.

On Sunday, Chris and I went to the Saratoga Racetrack. My biggest winner was for $4. Chris usually won between $.20 and $1.20, but he won more often than me. We ended up leaving the track $14.60 lighter, a little tanner and full of cheesy fries and ice cream. lol It was a good time, even if we didn't win big.
Chris bet on a horse called Acquired Cat, which we were sure would be lucky for us, since we were, in fact, acquiring his dad's cat that same day. No such luck. But we did luck out with the cat. Oreo was unhappy on the 2-hour ride back to our apartment, crammed in his little carrier, but once we let him into the apartment, he was happy as a clam. He contented himself to walk around every inch of the place, rubbing his head and neck against everything he could find. After an hour or so, he jumped up on the back of the couch where Chris and I were sitting. His reaction was incredibly funny. It was obvious he didn't expect to be walking on anything so soft. His ears shot backward and his eyes got wide. As he started pushing his paws into the cushion, he pretty much started purring immediately. Within ten seconds he was sprawled out.

I'd say he's pretty happy to be a part of our family now. I'm sure he'll miss getting full freedom to run around outside, but so far he seems to be loving all the soft things he gets to lie on in our apartment.