Monday, August 4, 2008

Outside with Chris and inside with Furniture

Week two of my official unemployment and Chris's job. As a thank you for being there for him this past week, Chris brought me home these beautiful pink roses. :-) You can see in the picture below that I also got the other two chairs assembled. We now have a complete dining room set. I've also been working on getting the extra boxes moved into our storage unit at the other end of the building.

Lockheed Martin gave Chris two free tickets to see the Syracuse Chiefs, the local minor league baseball team, on Friday night. The team lost, but the fireworks at the end of the game were awesome (put on by Lockheed Martin). It was also just fun to be outside, eating hot dogs and drinking beer.

Apparently the mascot is an train conductor?

On Sunday, Chris and I went to Onandaga Lake Park. We walked about 2 miles of the way around the lake, which wasn't even a quarter of the length. The park was really nice. They have separate paths for walking and biking/roller blading. You can rent bikes and roller blades, and there is even a free tram you can ride back to where you parked. Basically, I was pretty impressed. Lots of cute dogs running around, too.

One of the funniest things in the park: The Salt Museum.

One of my most recent projects has been renovating an old table I found out by the dumpster at our apartment. The first two pictures show how I found it: dirty, missing the hardware and all-in-all pretty ugly. Basically, it's pretty obvious why it was thrown out.

Over the past few days, I cut out maps that we collected in Europe and rubber cemented them onto the top, the shelf and the front of the drawer. Then I painted the rest of the piece, sprayed it with a finishing coat and boat new hardware for it. As it turns out, the handle is just slightly too big, so I have to exchange it. But other than that, the table is just about finished with its transformation. Pretty neat, right?