Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney World: Hollywood Studios

One of the best new attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios is called, "Lights, Motor, Action." It's a stunt show with cars that would put the bat mobile to shame, motorcycles, jet skis, fire, shoot outs, and so on.
For lunch we went back in time to the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater. We got to watch old movie snippets, cartoons and dancing candy going to the concession stand while we ate our dinner. The best part? Check out the car/tables we're sitting in.

Another great show at Hollywood Studios is a classic, the Indiana Jones stunt show. Below is "Harrison Ford's stunt double"(a man about a third of Ford's age). During this performance, we got to see Indi get rolled over by the giant rolling rock, jump across buildings while beating up ninjas, and fight to the death in front of a propeller plane.

The next day, we went to Blizzard Beach water park during the day. For dinner, we headed to perhaps Chris's favorite place to eat and be entertained: Medieval Times.

Chris, Cat and Elias check out the medieval village.
Our commentator welcomes us to the show.

The Executioner (the drink pictured below) also welcomes us to the show.
The knights in action. Spoiler: the bad guy loses.