Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney World: Magic Kingdom Day One

Chris and I flew down to Orlando last Wednesday night to spend our spring break at Disney World. Since neither of us are in school, I suppose it's not really "spring break" but I did just find out I've been accepted to grad school at Syracuse University. So that should count for something. haha

After passing a nearly sleepless night in anticipation of the exciting next day, we headed straight for Magic Kingdom. Here's a picture of the rental car we got stuck with. ;-) Who says spiders aren't beautiful? lol
I took the same picture of Chris last year when we went to Disney World, so I decided we needed to keep up the tradition. He stands here on Main Street, USA.
Okay, these elephants aren't real. They're part of the Jungle Cruise. But you almost can't tell from the picture ...

Walt Disney stands hand in hand with his good pal Mickey Mouse.

Now Mickey is holding hands with Minnie. That mouse sure gets around. ;-)

Cinderella's castle right before the fireworks show. On the second night we were here, Tinkerbell actually flew down from the top of the castle over the crowds head, right into Tomorrowland. (She was on a rip cord, of course, but the effect was still amazing).