Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trip to Ithaca

On Sunday, we took Adam and Andrea down to Ithaca to check out the gorges and go wine tasting. The weather was a little rainy and warm-ish, but still cold enough that ice flows continued to block the path up the gorge. See pictures below.

Well, if you can't follow the path ... take a picture in front of it. haha

That's a fun backyard ...

At one of the wineries, we found this cow called Melody. We bought treats to feed her, but I felt bad for her little friends, so I fed one of the goats.
Between the wine my mom bought for us from Sandhill Crane winery, the "Two Buck Chuck" and our wine from Ithaca, I think our wine rack will be filled for a very long time.
The spoils of our wine tasting tour.