Thursday, May 7, 2009

Appraisal and Ambitions

Some updates on the house: Seems thing to be moving right along without much interference from Chris or I. Our realtor and bank people really seem to be taking care of everything. They had the house appraised already, and happily, it appraised for the same amount we offered. So no issues there. Now we're just waiting for the seller's to get the trim and garage painted, the appraisal people to put in their final report at the end of next week, and then it's pretty much on our attorneys to get the paper work done. So hopefully in a week or two we'll get the official closing date and can start making plans to move in.

The people that live in the apartment across the courtyard from us are moving out now. I keep seeing them hauling away furniture, and it's making me really antsy. I can't wait to get started. :-) My list of projects to do on the house continues to grow, as does my ambition. I'm already dreaming of building a pergola and brick patio in the backyard ... ok, so that might not happen right away, if ever, but I'm enjoying the dreams. I think maybe once we move in and start on some of these projects, an almost certain dose of reality will put some of my ambitious plans in check.