Thursday, May 14, 2009

Furniture Project #2

This writing desk has probably appeared in past pictures on the blog. It started off very dirty, very beige, and very old looking. The corner of the desk was smashed in pretty nicely, too.

I fixed the corner as best I could with a hammer, a pair of tweezers and some hot glue ... hey, you gotta work with what you have on hand, sometimes. lol For the most part it did the trick.

After that, I sanded the rough spots and areas where the paint was chipped off. Then just a little creative paper cutting and decoupaging, only two or three coats of paint and some polyurethane for the win! The main paint color ended up matching the pink paper totally by accident. I mixed the tan I bought with some old dark brown paint I use on everything, and somehow I got pink. Go figure.

Haven't decided if I'm going to swap out the hardware or not. I was planning on it, but the pattern on the paper and the feminine color actually seem to go well with the intricate design of the original handles. I think I'll call this one "pretty in pink."