Saturday, July 31, 2010

1000 Islands

This past weekend, while Mom and Papa and Chris's Dad and Lisa were visiting, we all headed up to 1000 Islands to go on a boat tour and see Boldt Castle. Here's the pictures from our adventure:
Mom and Papa in front of the ferry we cruised around in.

A dilapidated boat house.

Doesn't that just make you jealous? lol I want to live there!
Another gorgeous house. This one is surrounded by 10 man-made waterfalls.
This is the smallest island in the 1000 Islands region. haha It has a tree on it, so it counts as an island.
This is Heart Island, where Boldt Castle is. The castle is at the very top. In the foreground, you can see the generator building.
This is the boathouse for Boldt Castle.
I think this is the house country singer Alan Jackson just bought last year.

So this is Boldt Castle. That terrace near the top is where we stood to take the pictures below.

This is the children's playhouse. It has 1 bowling alley for each child. The family stayed here while the castle was under construction.
This is Mrs. Boldt's room.
The swimming pool.
The main corridor was massive.A picture of Mrs. Boldt, for whom the castle was built.
Chris and Dave admiring the generator that was once used to power the house.
Funnily enough, it was made in Schenectady, where Chris's family is from.

This is rumored to have been the house Mr. Boldt built for his mother-in-law, a known sleepwalker. haha It's right across the water from the castle.