Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Other Room

So this is Dibbles Inn, where we're having our wedding reception. If we happened to actually be able to meet the 150 guest minimum (not going to happen) we would be able to have the reception in the Gold Room, which is where I had been told over the phone we could have it. Oh well. Here's the difference between it and the room where it will probably be, the Garden View room.

When you arrive at Dibbles, you can actually go in the main entrance to get to the Gold Room. The front of the inn is actually pretty charming.

The front porch is cute and cozy.

When you walk in, you see the staircase and a little chandelier. If you head to your right, that's the Gold Room.
... as you can see here.
I actually didn't get a ton of pictures of the Gold Room because as soon as we got there we were told we would not be having our reception there. Yeah ...

But anyway, I'm not really sure I would even want the Gold Room. It too, like the Garden View room, has major of pros and cons. The ceilings are high and there's lots of windows, so that's nice. The color palette is fine and the chandeliers are not bad either. The room, however, is divided into sections, so the dance floor is segregated from the tables and both are fin a different room than the bar. Here is this weird platform area where we were told they normally seat about 15 of the guests ... off by themselves. Makes me wonder what those guests did wrong ...
When we were there, the platform part was set up as a buffet area. There is that big pillar/wall thing in the middle of the picture that divides this space from the rest of the tables (right) and the dance floor (left). From this view, the bar is behind me.

Here's the bar. Pretty awesome. Don't mind the little guy sitting on the bar. That's Chickie, the mascot of our office at work. haha He came along to drink some booze and harass the staff. Such a rowdy little guy.
So yeah ... If we had a lot of people, I would probably want the Gold room. But since we won't, I think this room would probably be worse because it's so spread out and awkwardly arranged. It would be sort of uninviting to guests, I would think. And way too easy to not get a chance to see everyone. On the other hand, it's not a room in a basement of a 70s addition to the Inn ...

Sigh. I just have to keep reminding myself that we got a helluva deal on this place, and that Disney World is the main event. lol And to just plan on having fun at the reception and not getting hung up on the stuff I can't change. That's the goal.