Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bathroom Renovation

Chris and I started the work on our bathroom this past week. Yay! and Ugh! lol It's going to look great, but it's difficult being without our only shower in the house. Here are the before pictures of our bathroom.

The plastic burgundy tile is amazing, right? lol
Oreo assisting Chris as he takes out the toilet.
Demo time.
Once we started removing the tiles around the shower, a lot of plaster came with it, revealing the lathe and a 3 inch gap around the tub. Inside the cavern in the wall, we found the front page of a Post Standard newspaper dated June of 1955. Pretty cool. It has the headline that reads "Russian Gunfire Downs U.S. ..." and mentions "Ike" and the "Soviet Peace Program."
So here's the bathroom after day 1 with our handyman, Tom Harvey. Looking pretty good! (Obviously we need to pull the sticker tags off the stones still ... lol)

The medallion in the center of the wall. Looks like a compass rose, right?
Reflection of the shower wall in the mirror.