Monday, July 23, 2012

More for the Wall 'O Frames

This past week, Chris and I had the pleasure of a visit from my parents, who drove out from Michigan. I'll share pictures of the camping trip soon, but for now, here's a little update on the wall o' frames, thanks to some new frames my mom painted and gave me. I did some rearranging and paired down a few of the smaller frames near the top and bottom.

The empty square frame near the light switch is one of the new ones.

Here you can see Mr. Shadow trying to sneak by me. He doesn't blend in too well with white trim, though.

 The wall is getting closer to being filled with frames near the top of the stairs now. You can see another new empty frame from my mom and a blank canvas I added to fill things in. We'll see what I do with the canvas, but for now, I kinda like it in plain white.

See how the window fits right in with the frames? Love that.
 Not sure if I'm going to keep going with the frames and fill in the space on the adjacent walls as well. For now, I'm enjoying the plain walls in my pretty pretty Moonshine paint.