Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shades of White

After 3 years in this house, I finally got rid of those ugle sheer brown curtains in our master bedroom, which you can see in the picture below, which I posted a year or so earlier.

Pretty boring, right?
The new white shades are the same brand and style as the grey shades I put up in the dining room and guest bedroom, but these are a pretty white. I'm thinking about repainting the bedroom a lighter color, so these will help to make everythign look a little more seamless. I also finally moved these lamps upstairs, which my mom bought us when we moved in and lived in our living room for a while.
Please excuse the mess of cords.

And here's the white shades over the built-ins in the dormers. So soft and cozy looking.

And they are way easier to open and let the light in, especially when we have the air conditioner or a fan in the window. The old curtains used to always be in the way ... and also they looked terrible. haha

I did have to outside mount the shades in the dormers because the window size was unusual, but I think because they're white, they looks just as good as the inside-mounted ones. Definitely looking forward to finishing up the basement and moving on to the next project ... maybe the master bedroom?