Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Terrarium Multiplier

That's my Big Bang-esque subject line to what basically means my terrariums had more babies today. lol I used rooting hormone to cut some sections of plants that had grown too big for their current terrariums and replanted them in new ones. Such a cheap hobby. lol

I also bought a new plant at Lowes, which I'm hoping will survive being split and replanted in all the new terrariums. It's the plant that takes up most of the terrarium in the picture below, called Selaginella, or "Asian Spikemoss". So pretty! I love the texture of it against the leafier plants.

The wood in this picture is from our trip to Moffet's Beach. Chris, my mom and I collected twigs and rocks and miniature pine cones to use in the terrariums.

My parents actually found this funny little painted rock in our garage while looking for scrap wood, I think. There were two others that said "Trust" and "Obey."
 Two of these are ones I already had but beefed up with the new plant, and the three smallest ones are new. The middle jar I picked up at Christmas Tree Shop for 79 cents. Woot!

Mr. Fireman is still hanging out in this old salsa canning jar turned terrarium.

And while I'm on the topic of plants, my mom helped me repot this Hawaiian guy into a much bigger container. He had lately toppled over a bit and had grown too big for the tabletop. So far, he's loving his view from the floor.