Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Curtains, Paint, and ... Well, More Curtains

Another slow work week means I'm in full swing with working on the house this week. Here's a few pictures to illustrate what I've been up to over the last few days.

First, I bought two full-length curtain panels at Target, which I cut and hemmed to make five panels. The largest was for the door to add a little privacy and still let light filter through. Also, it hides that silly plastic grid that Katie and I weren't able to pry off the window.

Still need to change out that switch cover for a bright white one...

Then I made two small panels for the hallway window.

You can see the paint chips of colors I'm considering painting the bathroom through the doorway.

 Finally, two medium-sized panels for the half bathroom. I actually used a tension rod to hang these since the room is so small. And it helps to mask the fact that the window is still woefully off center.

I took a break from all the sewing and painted the back porch. With the feedback I received from my last post, the winning color is: Woodlawn Colonial Gray!

I love the rich saturation of this grey when compared to the bright green.

Before painting though, I had to caulk as many of the cracks and gaps in the paneling and around the windows as I could. I also wandered through the house, caulking more of the little gaps and things I found in there, although I won't claim to have filled even a quarter of those with two tubes of caulk. Ahh, the fun of living in an old house.

I also scraped random bits of tape off the screen door and thoroughly cleaned the whole thing. So much nicer out there.

Still need to add some trim around the floor to cover up that last gap.

Once I get the ceiling fixed, a new light fixture out there, and some trim around the floor, this tiny room just might be done!

After painting, it was back to sewing, this time for basement curtains. My mom was so sweet and gave me some leftover fabric from a project of hers, and I had just enough to make twelve panels for all six windows. I'm still finishing up, but here's one window completed.

And check out my new poster for the laundry room. How perfect is that? (It was my little reward to myself for all the work I've been doing there. And hopefully it's motivation to finish up, as well. haha)

And I also hung up the fourth of July banner my mom made me just to add a little color down there. How cute, right?

Well, back to sewing curtains. Only a few more panels to go! And then the fun part: picking out a bathroom color. :-)