Monday, August 6, 2012

It's SO Easy Being Green

Katie and I decided to tackle a fun little project while she was out visiting this week. I mentioned that I wanted to paint the front and back doors green and before I knew what was happening, Katie had helped me pick out the paint chip and we were at Lowes getting the paint mixed. haha

So here's what our kitchen door looked like before Katie's visit:

And here's what we have to remember Katie's visit by:

Here's the view coming in the back door. Still have a lot of work to do on that area, but isn't that pop of color nice?

We even did the front door to match. Here's the bland entry we used to have to welcome guests:

 Gotta love the brass door knocker and the chain at the top that doesn't do anything.

 And here's the cheery front door now. Yes the siding is still horrible, and the brick steps are broken and pretty pathetic. But look how nice the door looks!

Check out this close-up of the door knocker. I spray painted it with Rustoleum paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Pretty great, right? It looks like a brand new piece. I just wish the peep hole and door knocker were centered over each other. lol

Just a little spray paint and it's suddenly a whole new door knocker.
Here's the front door from the inside before the paint.

Check out this disgusting yellow caulk that was around the windows that we had to scrape off.

Umm, can you say gorgeous?

I still need to do a second coat on the front door, as well as some touching up and caulking on the white trim on both doors, but I'd say we pretty much kicked butt on Saturday. Oh yeah, and we definitely went and got ice cream afterward as a reward. :-)