Thursday, August 23, 2012

Riding on the Carousel of Progress

Ok, so not the actual Carousel of Progress in Disney World. I just wanted to post some progress pictures of the work I've been doing around the Capers, and what can I say, Disney is on my mind. Probably because Chris and I decided to head down a week earlier than we were planning and will get to enjoy an extra five days in the most magical place on earth this year. :-)
So back to my progress. I shall share it with you in the form of a joke.
Me: Knock knock.
You: Who's there?
Me: Orange.
You: Orange who?
Me: Orange you going to say anything nice about my new ceiling?

Ok, so the joke was lame, but that ceiling is hot hot hot. And I'm proud to say I did that all by myself. Remember when it looked like this with half of the sheet rock missing?

All you had to do was look up to see wires, a random beam, and an electrical box. It was like our house was going out without any pants on. Or with only half a pair of pants on, I guess ... Anyway, it wasn't pretty.

So one day when I was supposed to be working on the basement, I suddenly decided I needed to remedy the ceiling situation immediately. I headed out to the garage and found some pieces of leftover drywall from our bathroom renovation. Then I went to the basement and found that green net-like tape that you use on the joints, as well as a box of drywall screws. After that, it was a quick run to Lowe's for some joint compound and I was ready to go. (And I used to gift card to pay for that, so technically, this project was totally F-R-E-E!)

Since you have to wait 24 hours between applications of the compound before sanding, it ended up taking me a few days to actually get it all smooth and pretty. But then I slapped on a few coats of flat ceiling paint (the flat finish is great for hiding little imperfections, because let's face it, I'm not a drywall pro) and here we are. And yeah, I really slapped it on there ... you can see my splatters running down not one but two spots on the wall in the picture above. Oops! I'll be sure to touch those up soon.

I still need to figure out some sort of trim situation so there aren't the little gaps around the edges. As you can see in the above picture, there's not a lot of space between the ceiling and the windows, so I may have to get a little creative. I'm also going to put a simple base molding down around the floor as well, but that's another trip to Lowe's, which will probably come sometime next week.

And even more exciting, my mom bought me the ceiling-mounted light fixture that I've been drooling over for the last few months as an early Christmas present. So that's due to arrive next week as well. And while I'm no expert electrician, I'm totally willing to risk a few shocks to get that baby installed.

Until then, I'm just thrilled to not feel like I'm getting a peak at my house's underwear every time I come home. hee hee