Monday, April 14, 2008

The Final Days

On Saturday, our ResStaff put on the Oxford Carnival in our building. We had a cotton candy machine, carnival games, a caricaturist and an airbrush tattoo artist. By the end of it, we were all covered in tattoos and sick from too much cotton candy. haha It was quite successful, though, and the residents really seemed to have a good time. But as usual, the staff had a blast together. It's been so great working with such a fun staff all year.

Well, the Xylem launch was ... O.K. It was nice to see my story in a printed book. I submitted two stories, and they actually picked the one I didn't expect them to pick. That was interesting to see what other people like in my writing.

Unfortunately, my name is spelled wrong two out of the four times it appears in the journal. :-( At least they recognized me as the correct gender in my bio, which they failed to do for one of the other writers. The event itself looked formal, but didn't have a lot of structure to it. It wasn't the type of event that you want to invite your parents to ... which I had already done. lol So that was disappointing and I felt guilty for having my mom drive out here. Oh well, live and learn. At least I have my work published in a journal. :-) Can't complain about that.

Tonight we had a Staff Recognition (foodless) Banquet. lol They had it set up sort of like a carnival. I tried to learn how to juggle. Tried is the key word. Our Hall Director called up all the seniors and recognized us for our contributions. He thanked me for always doing the artistic projects for the staff that they volunteer me for when I'm away from the staff meetings. haha And also for doing technology-related stuff too. He also gave our whole staff little stuffed oxes (for Oxford) which was incredibly cute.

And one of the most exciting things to happen in these final days of college: today I went to my last two classes of my college career! Not bad, eh? I turned in my last essay today, and in a week I have my last two exams. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm sad to almost be done, but to be honest, I'm really not. I know everyone says I'll miss it all when I don't get to sleep in anymore and have to go to work everyday. But it's hard for me to see that right now. It's like I keep saying, I'm just so excited to be starting my shiny new life with my boyfriend. I'm happy that I'll soon be in a no-distance relationship instead of a long-distance relationship. I'm thrilled by the idea of coming home at the end of the day and having time for myself, instead of for studying. And I can't wait to have all the writing I do be for me, and for real people and not just professors to read. How can I be sad about anything when I have all that to look forward to?