Sunday, April 13, 2008


I love hallways.

I like what they signify. You’re leaving one room, but you’re on your way to somewhere else. With a hallway, you always have somewhere else to go.

Hallways are like the journey in a big adventure. They aren’t the destination, but they are still important. After all, half the fun is in getting there, right?

I’ve lived in a single-room dorm for the past four years. A couple summers ago, I worked freshman orientation at UM, and I was allowed to stay in room with a private bathroom. Connecting the bedroom and the bathroom: a beautifully narrow, white hallway. It was the highlight of my summer.

Standing in that hallway at night, with the light flickering from the tv around the corner, I felt like I was somewhere special. I imagined myself in my own apartment, on my way to the kitchen to actually cook for myself. Only after you’ve ate dorm food for four years can you understand the intense desire one feels to cook for one’s self.

And now, Chris and I are moving into a wonderful 2-bedroom apartment with a hallway that leads to three different doors. Imagine the possibilities. It’s tantalizing.

Anything could be behind those doors at the end of the hallway.