Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life = ahhhhhh

Such Creative Whimsy finally has a pretty graphic on our shop's site on It's just something I made from a picture I took in Jamaica, but at least it's something nice to look at on the site. Only one item for sale in our shop still ... but that'll change soon enough.

Been busy lately trying to get my car officially registered for NY, getting new insurance, figuring out a direction in life, and so on. Basically, I'm discovering that the transition to becoming an adult is hard.

Also, I'm realizing that not taking a GRE at the end of my undergraduate career was a mistake. I recently decided that I'd like to apply to grad school, but I have no test scores to submit. This means that for the next few weeks, I'm going to have to cram like crazy so I can take it and submit my scores before the grad school application deadlines. Fun stuff, right? The lesson here, kids: plan ahead. Cover your bases from the get go.

Oh! I forgot to mention this great online boutique I found. It's called Lavender Hill Studio . If you're looking for awesome mosaic works, this is the place to look. The artist is awesome.