Thursday, December 18, 2008


Because I haven't put up any of my crazy cat lady picks in a little while ...

Oreo sure is one chill cat. I think I'd trade lives with him any day. Nothing he has to do but eat and sleep. And when he feels so inclined, he gets to lay on our laps and get pet.

In the first picture, Oreo makes the hike up to the top of a folded up comforter. Exhausted, he decides it's time for a rest.

After the cat nap, Oreo plays with his mouse. Later, he naps again. Then he eats. Then he naps. And so on.

His evenings seem to be the only time he gets a little exercise. This is the time when Chris chases him around the apartment. Oreo's only defense against this is to just play dead, as you seen the picture to the right.