Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day One: Painting the Master Bedroom

Well, even after heading over to the house by 8 AM this morning, it took me til about 3 to get to a decent stopping point with the painting in the master bedroom. My arms and legs are sore, and I have another full day of painting ahead of me, but man oh man am I happy. :-)

Here's an updated picture of the front of the house. The bushes under the windows have gotten a little unruly, so we definitely need to get in there and trim those back.

So here's the first "before" picture of the master bedroom. The brown paint is just too dark for a room with sloped wall/ceiling. The first step for bringing in a little light was to primer pretty much the whole room.
A little treat left behind by the previous owners: screws with toggle bolts behind the drywall. I thought maybe the screw just went into the stud, so I unscrewed it and gave a little tug when I thought it was stuck.

Big mistake. The toggle came out and left a gaping hole in the wall. Sigh. I decided not to make the same mistake twice, so I left the other screw in. Hopefully we can get some clippers to snip the head of the bolt and left the toggle just fall behind the wall.

I didn't notice before just how bad of shape the trim in some parts of the house is. Luckily, I have all the tools and paint I need to get this fixed tomorrow. :-)
Oreo kept me company today while I painted. This was near the beginning, with only a little primer painted on.
Oreo may have picked his favorite spot in the house already.
End of Day One: So here's an idea of what I'm going for. Pay no attention to the bright blue painter's tape, though. We decided that the sloped part should be white like the ceiling just to keep it nice and light in the room. Plus, the paint is not as gray as I thought it would be, and I'm afraid too much of this blue will look like a little boy's room. haha