Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Cat Lost

After two loads with the big Remax truck, hours of loading and unloading, last minute packing, and finally bringing Oreo over to his new home, we were pretty happy that the worst was over.

Boy were we wrong. Meowface escaped from the backyard after only a couple minutes of being unsupervised. We walked all over the neighborhood and asked our new neighbors to keep and eye out for him. I was freaking out. The idea of him wandering around and not knowing where or what his home is, it was awful. Dave and Lisa took off about an hour later after helping us so much all day, and Chris and I had to take the moving truck back. When we got home, we walked around again looking for him. By the time we were done, it had been about four hours since we last saw him.

Completely exhausted, we knew we had to put the search on hold for the night. We headed inside and Chris had an idea. He put Oreo's bed and his water bowl and his food bowl with just a couple pieces of food in it outside on the back steps. The hope was that he'd smell it and figure out that this was his house.

Well, after about ten minutes, Chris walks outside to check the bowl, just out of curiosity. The food was gone! He ran back into the living room to put his shoes on, saying he thinks it was probably just a racoon or something, but that he wanted to check anyway. A minute later, I heard him calling my name. I ran out to the driveway, where Chris was kneeling next to his car.

"It's him! He's under the car!" he said. Oreo was completely freaked out and didn't really know what was going on. It took a minute or two before we could coax him out. But apparently no matter how nervous or confused he gets, Oreo will always take time to eat. lol

The weird part is that we have no idea where he could have been hiding that whole time. He had to have been very close in order to have watched Chris put the food bowl out. But we searched everywhere in the yard and never saw him or heard a peep from him. Needless to say, he will not be left outside unsupervised ever again. lol