Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We bought a house ... and forgot our anniversary

With all the excitement and craziness surrounding the house, Chris and I both completely forgot that yesterday was our 2-year anniversary. haha Oops. I remembered, oddly, when he was signing all the paperwork for the house, so he said, "Well, I guess this is a good anniversary present." lol Not a very romantic day, but certainly an exciting one. We are meeting up with our newly engaged friends Jim and Rhonda for dinner tomorrow night, so I guess we'll just pretend that's our anniversary and celebrate then. lol

I had to meet with the guy from Lowe's to get the rooms measured for carpet. I got back and found Chris freaking out a little. I believe it's called "buyer's remorse." lol He seems to be worried about all the things he's going to have to do now. So I didn't get to dig in and get started on my painting and patching and stuff, sadly. But I plan on pretty much hopping out of bed and heading over there in the morning. I can't wait to make a little progress on the massive amounts of painting I have to do.