Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Pages

Inspired by my new favorite blog,, I added some new pages to my own blog to make it more functional and interesting. Check these out by clicking on the tabs just under the header. I added a House Tour page with before and after pictures (ok, the house is a work in progress, so there's really no finished after pics), a Projects page of things we're working on around the house, and a handy resource page to pictures of Our Wedding to help our friends and family find our wedding pics, which I never really uploaded to this blog.

I'm hoping the House Tour and Projects pages keep me motivated to continue working on the house and making it a wonderful first home for Chris and I. Eventually, I'd like to make this blog even more of a resource for other DIYers out there, much like the Young House Love blog I mentioned earlier. For now, it's more of a personal resource, but still fun to peek at. Enjoy!