Friday, December 23, 2011

Cozying Up the Place

I've had a few Target gift cards burning a hole in my pocket for a while now. I've been trying very hard not to spend them just because I can. They were from the bridal showers, so I knew I wanted to use them on stuff for the house, but I wanted to wait and find something I really wanted.

Well, I found it. I stumbled across a gorgeous duvet cover in greys and whites that would be perfect for covering up that massive brown comforter we have, which is pictured below.

I also snagged some super soft flannel sheets in a creme color and a white bedskirt from the Shabby Chic collection for $30 total. (And a couple really cute throw pillows that weren't on sale, but were too cute to pass up). Then I just put it all together and added the mosquito netting that we had downstairs on the front porch. I may not end up leaving it there, but I do like that it adds some height to the room and breaks up the massive brown line of the headboard.

I love the pattern on the duvet cover and shams though. It's sort of exotic and serene at the same time.

I still want to replace the curtains, possibly with some sort of custom rod system that would cover the whole back wall. And I want to repaint to a more grey color and paint the slanted walls to match. Also, a night stand that isn't a TV tray would be nice, as well as some matching table lamps. But for not very much work and a couple gift cards, I'm happy with this mini makeover.

And these are just some pretty flowers I bought at Wegmans. :-)