Friday, October 19, 2012

Our First Anniversary Photo

While I realize Chris and I have about a million pictures of us together from our 1st anniversary trip to Disney, I did want to get a cute picture of us together on our actual anniversary, October 4th. I'm hoping to get a picture of us every year on 10/4 as a way to document our little life together. And it'll be fun to see our family grow (I'm talking about a puppy, Mom, jeez. We've only been a married a year!) haha
Anyway, here's the picture we came up with by setting up my camera on self timer on the stairs. I won't even tell you how many tries it took or how many awkward pictures I have of Chris and my back or my hand or ... well you get the idea. Also, I had to crop out all the Halloween decorations around us. lol
And here's one of about 2,000 pictures I could choose from for our 2011 picture. We're off to a good start. Maybe next year we'll try to include the kitties. Or a new puppy? ;-)