Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year, Chris and I celebrated Halloween at home. We passed out candy to the brave kiddos who came around the neighborhood. We were surprised by how many we trick-or-treaters we got!

Since Chris had to go in super early for work in the morning and we weren't sure what our Halloween plans were going to be for a while, check out our last-minute Halloween costumes.

Here's Chris as a Devil. Although some trick-or-treaters thought he was a vampire. Even though his shirt clearly says "Diablo" and he is holding a "Dirt Devil". haha I thought it was pretty cute!

For my costume, I happened to find some fan pom poms and my old varsity letter when I was rummaging through boxes in the basement this week. So some pigtails and a plaid skirt seemed to complete the transformation to cheerleader. Not too bad, right?

Check out the cute Halloween banner my mom made for us! Adorable, right?
 This is a vase I picked up at Michaels for 40% off. Love it. I picked up the flowers at Wegmans. They're actually sunflowers with blood-red petals and purple foliage! How crazy is that?

Here's Meowface trying to take Chris's french fries away from him earlier this week. Note that Jack the skeleton is hanging out on the couch with us.

And here's Zoro camped out by the door, waiting for trick-or-treaters. Happy Halloween everyone!