Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Third Annual Zombie Bar Crawl

It's October, and for Chris and I, that means two things. First, our anniversary. But more importantly, Halloween. haha At least we know where our priorities lie. Chris and I both love doing lots of fall activities, going to haunted houses, coming up with fun Halloween costumes, and yes, turning into zombies and drinking beer.

This year, Chris and I moved on from zombie bride and groom to become ... what else? Zombie family! We had Zombie Dad, Zombie Mom, and even Zombie baby, thanks to our pal Wisecrackin' Jack.

Classic. Can't you just imagine this portrait hanging over a fireplace mantel somewhere?

As is tradition, we zombied it up with our friend Kristen and her boyfriend Matt, as well as some of her friends and family.

Before heading out, Kristen gave Chris the wicked wound on his forehead. Here's the Zombie Surgeon (or Mad Scientist?) at work.

And here's my best zombie face, just before I washed it all off after the bar crawl Saturday night.