Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Calendars

My name is Callie and I'm addicted to calendars.

There. I've said it.

Let's move forward now.

The first calendar I asked for this year was the 2014 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar. Dave and Lisa gave me the 2013 version last year and I loved it so much I asked for them to keep 'em coming. (It's the purple one with the ostriches in the picture below.

But then I saw this Rifle Cities Desk Calendar and loved it too. And I figured I needed a calendar for my desk at work ... so this was perfect. It's at the bottom left of the picture below.

I also have a World Wildlife Fund calendar with pretty animal pictures hanging in the kitchen, although I didn't take a picture of it.

Also, side note, but check out my cool new wireless speakers Chris got me for when I'm doing projects around the house. Super portable and I can just connect my phone to them and play Pandora. It's the white box with the two purple circles. So awesome.

Back to calendars. What's the count now? Three?

Bust out your pinky finger cuz we're on to number four. Although technically, I'm not using it as a calendar. This Cavallini Vintage Travel Wall Calendar is now art in my dining room. Chris bought this large-scale calendar for me along with three pretty white fames to hang my favorite pictures in.

The calendar used to have the dates on the bottom, so I snipped that part off and just turned it around and then taped the paper back together. You can see a little line if you stand close, but it doesn't really bug me. If I want to go pro someday I might buy actual mats for the pictures, but for now I'm good with it like this.

Someday I may also purchase more frames to make a big grid of six or eight frames, but for now I'm digging the three pictures in the dining room. I was getting mighty tired of staring at that blank wall.

The pictures are all vintage travel advertisements from the 1930s through the 1950s.
So that's all of my calendars, I believe. My parents did send me a UPS calendar as well, but I'm afraid I just don't have a place for that one. And I don't want to go overboard. I mean, four calendars is enough, right. Did I mention I also have a planner with a calendar in it? But still, five is ok, right?


Oh hey! Did you notice anything else in the picture of the three new frames? A little doggy perhaps?
This adorable little guy is all the more adorable because of my super sweet husband and the great lengths he went to to get him for me.

But let's start at the beginning. I first saw this dog at a store back in June. Loved him. Picked him up and pet him. Held him like a baby. But for whatever reason, I didn't take him home with me. And then he surprised me by popping up in the Syracuse Parade of Homes. He was in the Clairmont house and I again coveted him and definitely kicked myself for not buying him. I went back to the store and he was gone. So I gave up on ever owning this little doggy.

When Chris asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said something like this dog, but that they don't sell him anymore. So what does Chris do? He goes to a bunch of stores and finds one that can give him the name of the dog's original manufacturer. Then he goes to the manufacturer, who tells them they don't make the dog anymore. But they give him a list of all the retailers that had stocked it at one point in time.

So then Chris goes through this giant list of retailers across the country and searches all their websites, trying to find one that still has the dog in stock. And eventually, he did it. He tracked the little guy down and had it shipped to the house. Unfortunately, the store didn't ship it for several weeks, so it arrived the week after Christmas. But honestly, we had a rough week before that, so it was sort of the perfect pick-me-up to have this belated surprise.

I actually cried out, "It's the doggy!" when I saw it in the box. And then I pulled it out and pet it and rocked it in my lap. haha I couldn't believe he was able to find one. And I can't believe I'm so lucky to have a husband who would go to all that trouble for me. What a sweetheart!