Friday, January 10, 2014

Office Bathroom Redesign: Part 3

I know it's been a while since I had an update on the work I've been doing on the bathroom at the office where I work, so let's recap.

In Part 1, I detailed my plan for the outdated bathroom:

  • Remove wallpaper and vinyl baseboards
  • Prime and paint walls in a cool grey shade
  • Paint trim glossy white
  • Install white baseboards
  • Hang a new, prettier mirror above the sink
  • Install toilet paper holder and paper towel holder
  • Replace outlet and light switch covers
  • Create a sink skirt to cover the electric water heater under the sink
  • Hang pretty artwork
... and I discussed ripping the wallpaper off the walls.

In Part 2, we settled on a paint color, primed and painted the walls and installed some baseboards (not pictured below).
And now, today, we're finally ready for the big reveal. We didn't hang any artwork yet, but pretty much everything else is done. So without further ado, I give you, a bathroom:
I would have loved to swap out that plastic trash can for a metal one with a lid, or even a chunky wicker or wood wastebasket, but it's not my bathroom, so hey. I'd say it's still a huge improvement.

Obviously, the biggest change is that sink skirt. JoAnne picked out the fabric and requested something clean lined and simple. So I busted out my sewing machine, put on Love Actually and got down to sewing.
I added white lining to the corners and ironed it all really well so it would look crisp and almost structural. Plus, if the panels get pushed to the side, there is a white liner to block the view of the ugly electric water heater.

The skirt is attached with Velcro. I used two kinds for this job. There is a sticky-back type that I applied directly to the sink, and there is a iron-on kind that I applied to the fabric. I just had to make sure to line up the soft and prickly sides correctly. Tip: I sewed the fabric Velcro in place. It didn't have a great hold when I ironed it on, and with Velcro, you know there's a chance it'll get tugged on. But sewing it did the trick and it's definitely not going to fall off.

I also installed the toilet paper holder. Up until now, both the toilet paper and paper towels sat on top of the white cabinet in the picture below. Not ideal. Definitely too easy to drop the toilet paper on the floor. I don't know about you, but I like to know my toilet paper is in a clean place, never having made contact with the floor or anything else, for that matter.
I installed a paper towel holder next to the sink as well. No more dripping across the room to reach them on the cabinet.
JoAnne did a great job matching up the finishes. It's such a simple but classy room now.
The view as you walk into the bathroom now looks like this. I believe that if they add in some artwork, it will hang on that wall next to the toilet, so it'll really spice up the view when you enter. I recommended a couple graphic prints in white frames with white mats. Just to add a splash of color while tying in all the white in there.
Anyway, it's a far cry from where we started with the pink nightmare.
I'm pretty proud. Let's see another before and after. We went from this:
To this.
Really wish I had pulled that garbage can out of there for the pictures. lol But try not to focus on that. How great does JoAnne's mirror look with that fabric? And now they have some hidden storage for the toilet brush underneath the sink, which helps hide yet another eyesore.

My favorite part is probably those baseboards though. So crisp and white and elegant. Love me some white trim. What about you guys? Any favorite parts? Any suggestions on artwork (or a prettier wastebasket) for the room? Don't you think a dark grey marble or black-and-white tiled floor would have looked fantastic in there?

Sigh. If only budgets were unlimited ...