Friday, January 3, 2014

Jackson & Emma

A couple days after Christmas, Chris and I finally got to see our nephew Jackson and niece Emma. Boy are they cute.
We had dinner with Chris's Aunt Mary and her husband Richard. Emma loved getting to see them as well. Jackson was, well ... distracted. lol Not sure what he's doing in the picture below. Looking for the diamond that fell out of my necklace while we were there? haha What a good kid.
As usual, Uncle Chris was the hit of the party. Although Emma and I had a pretty mean game a Ring Around the Rosie going too. We also had a weirder game where she would stand on my legs and then fall to the left and I'd have to catch her. Like a trust exercise. And I can safely tell you, that little brute trusts me a lot. Dead fall every time.
The next day we went to Panera and Emma showed us why she deserves the award for messiest eater.
And Jackson again made it known that Chris is the best uncle ever.