Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ways to Hug a Meowface

A while back, I came across this pin and fell in love. Anyone who owns (and loves) a cat will recognize many of the different types of hugs. Chris is especially known for hugging Oreo (aka Meowface) with the Strangle Hug and the Condolence Hug.

So I knew this would make a fun personal gift for Christmas.

I printed out the drawing in black and white and then traced the designs onto white paper with a pencil. After that, I used a pen to finish the images, changing the girl to a boy, and changing the cat to look like Meowface.

Here's what I came up with:
We haven't decided exactly where to put it in the house yet, but right now it's living on the printer table near Chris's desk. It may end up getting hung on the wall near Chris's closet upstairs. Oh, and the frame is from Michaels.

Also, I have yet to see Chris perform the Face Hug, but I'll be sure to snap a picture if he ever does. haha