Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Cookies, Santa's Sleigh, Rudolph and a Tiny Elf

This year, I had a strong desire to make Christmas cookies. Maybe I was missing home and tradition, or maybe I just had low blood sugar. lol But whatever the reason, I decided to try my hand at three different recipes.

The first: traditional peanut butter kisses. This was actually the most involved recipe, since I made it from scratch. But they turned out delicious and definitely reminded me of home. :-)
Next up was something not at all traditional, but when I found a picture of them on Pinterest I just knew I had to make them: melted snowman cookies. I actually just bought Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and used marshmallows for the heads. Then topped them with white icing (not frosting - it's the icing that gives them that melty, almost liquid look). Then some black gel icing for the details and voila. And if I want to make them again for Halloween, get rid of the buttons and voila: ghost cookies. haha Guess I should have included more scarfs and hats to make them look more like snowmen.
My third batch was also pretty simple. Premade brownie bites, strawberries, and some frosting to make little Santa hats. Now this one I again used icing, but I think frosting would have held up better. But in the end, I covered them with saran wrap and ended up smearing off all the little white balls on the tips of the hats. So I stuck mini marshmallows on the ends and it worked out even better.
When it was time to load up the car to hear out to Chris's dad's house for Christmas Eve, well, let's just say we gave Santa's sleigh a run for its money. And we packed that little Juke without the assistance of any magic, thank you very much.
As usual the presents dwarfed the tree over at Dave and Lisa's house.
And it wasn't until we got there that we discovered Rudolph was already waiting for us. Where were you when we were driving through the snow to get there, little reindeer?
Apparently he was chilling with one pretty cool little elf.
And now some more pictures that I don't have a funny little story to go with. What can I say, I've got a lot to do today ...

I've been working on getting my new Christmas presents in place around the house (some new art for the walls, perhaps?), so I'll have a post about that pretty soon. :-) In the meantime, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!