Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Pictures

I was planning to put up some pictures of my niece Emma's birthday party, but I realized I never even put up pictures from my own birthday. Oops!

The day before my birthday we celebrated in the office with a giant chocolate cake from Wegmans. Below, I'm in the break room with my coworker Susan.
Then, on my birthday, Google wished me a happy birthday! lol Pretty neat.
That night, Chris took me to Cantina Laredo for some top-shelf guacamole and margaritas.
After that, we saw Kevin Nealon, a stand-up comedian you probably remember from SNL and pretty much every Adam Sandler movie. He was hilarious, of course.
Chris gave me another awesome present: a zombie plan bracelet. Because you gotta be prepared!
I also blew out a candle and Chris sang the birthday song to me. So sweet.
A week later, birthday celebrations continued when Dave and Lisa came out to celebrate with us. They brought the prettiest cake ever.
Thank you to all my family and friends for celebrating with me and for the thoughtful cards and presents. You guys are all so sweet!