Friday, March 28, 2014

Emma's 2nd Birthday

Last weekend we headed out to the Albany area to celebrate the 2nd birthday of out niece, Emma. As always, Emma was completely adorable and so was her brother and cousins.
And as always, the kids had a blast with Uncle Chris.
The big entertainment for the party was a kid's bounce house, which they inflated in the family room. Even Spider-Man loved it.
But then again, who doesn't love a bounce house?
Uncle Chris couldn't resist getting in there and bouncing the kids around a bit. I think they like it just a little ...
Yeah. Just a smidge.
The cake was so adorable sporting the Minnie Mouse theme.
Although I don't think Emma cared what it looked like so much as what it tasted like.
She also had a fun time trying on daddy's sunglasses.
Evan was having a good time checking himself out in the reflective surface of the Mylar balloon.
The day wrapped up with present time. Emma wanted to open up the packaging on every present she received, so of course, Uncle Chris obliged (much to Erin's dismay). haha
And now Emma has sunglasses of her own! Hooray!
Well, sort of.
Anyone else celebrating birthdays? My niece Hadley is turning 4 and I really wish I could be there to celebrate with her. I hope she has a great birthday and enjoys her own bounce house party!