Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our first piece of furniture

A few months back, I was shopping with my mom when I found a little treasure with a red tag on it at the very back of the Home Goods store. The moment I saw it, I fell in love. Sure, it had a few blemishes and I wasn't totally sure at this point how much room we'd have in our apartment, but I knew I had to get this trunk. It was too weird and interesting to resist.

The price was $50 marked down from $180. After finding a few new screws in my dad's workshop to fix the hinge, we had it in good working order.

But this was the first piece of furniture bought specifically for our new apartment. This piece was special. So we couldn't stop there. With some help from my parents, I made this my first project for my new home.

Determined to turn this trunk into a focal point for the new room, my mom had the brilliant idea to add legs to the trunk to give it some height and make it more like a coffee table. Unfortunately, after a trip to Menards, we realized the only coffee table legs were way too tall and skinny. Instead, we found some decorative fence post caps made of cedar that just might do the job.

After some paint, screws and four metal pieces to screw the "legs" into, we had ourselves a coffee table ... or at least a slightly elevated trunk. haha Actually, the legs really have made the piece stand out. And it feels good to have worked on a project to make Chris's and my new home that much more, well, ours. :-)