Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Our Little Corner of the World

We finally have wireless! Yay!

... O.K. That was an oversimplified statement. The Howard Johnson Express we are currently staying in claims to have wireless in all the rooms--which may be true--but what they failed to mention is that the wireless in all the rooms may not be available in all of the room. lol Get it?

What this means is that we had to move the computer table and chairs practically into the bathroom in order to get a couple bars of signal. So here I am, crammed into the corner, trying hard to keep all our loved ones up-to-date on our whereabouts and happenings. You guys better appreciate this. ;-) lol jk jk We've actually been doing a lot of budgeting and planning and whatnot to make sure we'll be able to afford food by the end of July before we start getting paychecks. Fun stuff.

So for South Carolina: Being still pretty sunburned on Saturday, we spent part of the day at the movie theater, watching "Iron Man". It was good. Chris wanted more fighting, but it seemed like there will probably be a sequel, so maybe he'll get more fighting then. lol

We went to this miniature golf course called "Hawaiian Rumble" next. It was apparently rated number one in the U.S. and has been featured on the travel channel and golf magazines and stuff, but we couldn't really figure out why. It had a neat volcano in the middle that shot out a little fire once, but other than that it was pretty standard. Chris and tied with a 46.

Oh! So something I forgot to mention: it was Bike Week in Myrtle Beach while we were there. So basically, there were motorcycles EVERYWHERE. It was nuts. And I'd say about 70% of the bikers had either a wife or a girlfriend perched behind them on the bike, soaking up the sun. lol We did see about 3 or 4 women actually driving motorcycles the whole weekend, but that was about it. Apparently motorcycles are still a male-dominated interest. It was pretty crazy being up on the eighth floor of our hotel, though, and still being able to hear the Harley's roaring by louder than our television.

We made it to a winery called "La Belle Amie." It was opened up, designed and run completely by this one woman. There was clear evidence of it by the fact that there were even hooks under the bar top to hang your purse while tasting the wine. lol The staff was so friendly and fun. We tried this wine margarita concoction, which was amazing and refreshing, so we bought a bag of the mix and found out they're called "bitch bags." haha All the wines have two names, too. One nice one, and one funny one. Basically, you could be drinking "Muscadine Red" or "You're So Naughty." And we just might have picked up a couple goodies for my parents here. ;-) Guess they'll have to check the mail in a few days and see ...

We did stumble upon a Krispy Kreme while driving on North Kings Highway. Seriously ... this was one of the greatest places around. lol It's like donut heaven. And all of the donuts are so smooth and perfect and tantalizing. After they go through the glaze, the word "pristine" springs to mind (credit to Chris for this perfect adjective). They look so amazing, it's difficult to bring yourself to bite in and ruin it. The other awesome part about this place was the workers, though. They were being so hilarious. We were watching the whole donut-making process with such awe that they must have all decided to have a good time with us. We have some videos on Chris's phone, which I'll post when we get back to Ithaca (where the cord is to connect his phone to the computer).

One last thing I wanted to mention: at the winery, a older local man that was hanging out--and maybe flirting a little with the workers at the winery--gave Chris and I a couple of rocks. We picked them up and had no clue what to say. So he asked if we knew what they were. We shook our heads and he informed us: they were 40-million-year-old fossilized oysters. A while back, they had dredged some of the ocean to replenish the beach sand, and had dug right into the Cretaceous period. Now these fossils can be found occasionally scattered around the beach. Chris and I actually found another one during a long walk down the beach the following evening.

I suppose that's just about it for SC. Not many pictures from the second part of the trip, unfortunately. A few from Chris's phone will be up once we get back to Ithaca, hopefully. But I will get the Washington, D.C. pictures and stories up tomorrow. Good night all!