Friday, May 9, 2008

Wisconsin Dells, Part I

Yesterday, after making the mistake of driving right through Chicago and O’Hare airport and getting stuck in traffic for an extra hour, we finally made it to the Wisconsin Dells.

We have yet to make it to the actual upper and lower dells, but we have enjoyed our resort, Glacier Canyon Lodge and it’s water parks. It actually has 6 of them! 3 indoor and 3 outdoor. Obviously, the outdoor ones aren’t open yet, but the indoor ones are a lot of fun. There was one ride in particular, called the Hurricane. You ride in a 4 person tube and go through a short winding tunnel, which suddenly opens up into a giant cylinder, which the tube slides up and down on like a half-pipe. It was one of the coolest water rides I’ve ever been on.

We had dinner at the Cheese Factory Restaurant, which turned out to be a vegetarian place. The best part of the meal was definitely the dessert: Princess Cake. It was three layers of white cake with lemon butter-cream frosting and raspberry sauce. Yum!

Unfortunately, everything seems to close by 5pm around here, so we haven’t got to do much in the evenings. We have big plans for tomorrow and Sunday though, so stay tuned.