Sunday, May 25, 2008

"I say whippet, whippet good" (Devo song, anyone?)

Washington was cool. We rode the subway in and walked around so much that our legs were sore by the end of the day. We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Reflecting Pond, the Lincoln Memorial and we went and took a tour of the mint. There, we saw an insane amount of money and wished it was in our pockets. lol

The best part of D.C. was that the Reflecting Pond is the home to about 7 or 8 families of ducks. There were baby ducks in every stage of development. Our favorites, of course, were the tiniest ones. In a larger group, there was one who simply couldn't figure out yet how to tuck it's head back on its body when sleeping. So it would fall asleep and its head would droop forward until it was resting upside down on the cement. And then it would wake up, shake its head, and try again. And the whole thing would repeat. It was hilarious.

After D.C. we drove to New Jersey. Our hotel was only about 20 minutes from Mike's (Chris's twin brother) graduation. Mike and his fiance Erin stopped by that night to borrow our iron and we went out to dinner. Mike and Erin ended up getting a free meal because they restaurant ran out of the ingredients for the item they ordered. Not bad.

The next day was Mike's graduation. He graduated from Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine, so he is now officially a doctor. :) The funniest part of the ceremony was when the graduates get hooded. A doctor is supposed to put this hood over their shoulders, but most of the time, the hood would smack the graduate in the face and it looked like the doctor was trying to put a horses bit in their mouth. lol We went out to a nice restaurant afterward to celebrate.

We drove to Mike and Erin's new house after that and crashed there. The next day we had a little cook out and got to play with their two cats and their whippet, Miley. Super cute dog. She sort of looks like an alien, but for some reason that works for her. She's adorable and very friendly.

We played WoW for a bit and then Chris and I headed back to Ithaca, officially ending the road trip for Chris. For me, it still feels like I'm on it, since Chris's Ithaca apartment isn't my home. Anyway, we got in late last night, with just enough time to finally post those D.C. pics.

Today we're switching out our stuff and getting our bags packed up for Europe and Mike and Erin's wedding and the festivities this week. We're hoping to meet up with some of Chris's friends before we take off for Scotia, as well.