Friday, July 31, 2009

Miley at the dogpark

As it turns out, Mike and Erin's dear sweet whippet, Miley, is not the most social of creatures. Her adventure at the Wegman's Good Dog dog park was a little alarming and probably a little disorienting for Miley ... especially when she charged a rottweiler and got flung sideways, spinning herself around on the ground. Poor thing!Here, Erin and Mike show their disappointment.
Chris attempted to get Miley to run and play like the other dogs...
But Miley always returned to her people, unsure of how she should interact with anyone else. I think she's asking Mike to take her home.
When that didn't work, she came to me, looking for a ride back to the house. lol

Poor Miley. On the upside, she did seem to be very happy to meet the neighbor's dog, a Great Pierenese. Maybe there is hope for her yet!