Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the lake

Last week we headed over to Dave and Lisa's house to visit with some of Lisa's family from out of town. On Wednesday we went to Great Escape and rode a bunch of roller coasters and fun water slides. Lots of fun!

On Friday, we went out on the boat on the lake.

This little cutie is Gavin, the son of Lisa's niece, Julienne. He really enjoyed all the sand and mud at the beach.

Here's Julienne and Marena tubing behind the boat.
Julienne was pretty scared; it was her first time tubing.
Okay, I guess she was terrified.

Marena seems to be doing okay, though.

Chris is ready to go. Maybe a little tired, but still ready to go.
Marena and Chris on the tubes.

Just Chris now ... where'd Marena go?
There she is!

Here's and awesome action shot of Marena and Chris colliding.

Little video of Chris and Marena. Pretty shaky camera work, but it was the best I could do while the boat was going over all those waves.