Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Rip

So I decided to rip down the paint-covered wallpaper.


What a pain. I worked from about 8:30 this morning til around lunch time and this was all I got done.
I'm working with a bowl of vinegar and water, a sponge, a utility knife, and a plastic scrapper. Lots of good tools that definitely make it easier ... but still not easy. I think tomorrow I might give the steamer a try.

One good thing has come out of this adventure, though. I've decided I am going to rip down the paneling in the dining, but since behind it is more wallpaper just like the stuff I'm currently fighting with, I am going to put new paneling up. Not faux wood like the stuff that's up now. Maybe a nice white beaded board or even something more luxurious looking. Not quite sure yet. Might depend on the price tags. lol But after working all morning and only getting one strip done, I'm in no hurry to tackle that dining room. haha