Sunday, July 5, 2009

Work Day with Chris and my parents

It's amazing what you can get done in a day when you have four people working. After a nice relaxing fourth of July at Dave and Lisa's house, we got up early to begin working on the house. We went to Lowes and my parents bought us a gas grill which my dad assembled and Chris cooked hotdogs on for dinner, Chris swapped out ligthbulbs throughout the house with energy-efficient ones, my mom and I painted the living room walls and ceiling, Chris mowed the lawn, my dad cut down our master bedroom door so it would fit over the carpet, he also installed the door handle, they set up the dehumidifier in the basement, my dad fixed the fridge and also started powerwashing the outside of the house. Phew!
Here is Oreo after he rolled around in the neighbors driveway for a while and right before he caught a field mouse in the backyard. Crazy cat.
My dad assembling the grill.
The living room before doing any work to it.

The border had to come down. Was not working for me at all. Neither was the greyish paint on the walls and trim.

My mom volunteered to paint the ceiling. Not a job I had any desire to tackle, so I certainly appreciated that.

I actually didn't even think the ceiling was too bad until she started painting. The unpainted part was yellow by comparison to where she had painted. Yuck! So I guess it was neccessary after all.
Chris taking a little break to talk on his cell phone in our newly painted living room. Behind him is the accent wall. It's sort of a peachy salmon color. The wall on the right of the picture is the color of all the other walls in the room, more tan. We also trimmed out everything with a glossy white paint, which looks so nice.

On the agenda for tomorrow: rip out the blue carpet and figure out what we need to do to the wood floors to get them looking nice, rip down the paneling in the dining room, pick out curtains for various rooms, continue powerwashing the outside of the house, etc etc. The list is a long one. lol
Once we rip out the carpet, I'll be sure to take pictures of the living room as an end result. :-) It's still in a state of upheaval at the moment.