Monday, April 27, 2009

Contracts, Inspections and Mortgages, Oh My!

After a leisurely weekend back in Albany to see Chris's friend's wedding, we are hitting this week with full-force in the home-buying department. We have an appointment to meet with a Bank of America mortgage specialist tonight, where we'll get all the papers signed and get that part squared away. We have our home inspection scheduled for Thursday, so hopefully we won't have many surprises there. And I've also talked with our attorney that Bob found for us, who will be approving our contracts and the title documents and such.

Currently, I'm in the middle of finding very detailed information about a million different things that is required for the mortgage. My oh my!

To top it all off, the sellers have made it known that they are moving out soon, and would like to move up the closing date to the end of May, if possible. Obviously, I would love to have more time to move and get things painted beforehand, but it's just going to put everything in fast forward for a little while. lol

Before I head back to gathering information and documents for the mortgage application, I wanted to post a couple pictures of the inside of the house. Of course, it's going to look completely different once I get in there with a paint brush ... but you get the idea.